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Keep Education Moving with Toshiba Solutions

Tightened budgets and increased demands have become more of a challenge for educators than ever before. That’s where we come in. We’ll get you communicating better, while easing burdens and complications by helping with:

  • Regulatory compliance (FERPA, EPA, etc.)
  • Safeguarding privacy
  • Managing massive amounts of electronic documentation
  • Quick search and access to school records
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Streamline Academic Services

We understand that you’re short on staff members and resources and need to save time and money wherever you can. We’ll help you simplify your process internally, streamline financial aid and enhance your academic services while maintaining compliance.

Keep Athletic Compliance on Track

To keep collegiate sports running smoothly and remaining compliant, a great deal of secure information gathering and sharing is needed. Our masters will provide you with assistance, so you can:

  • Ensure compliance, including NCAA, NJCAA, and NAIA
  • Streamline processing of invoice approvals, travel/expense reports, donations, contracts, and other key processes
  • Improve information sharing to simplify eligibility procedures
  • Protect student privacy by utilizing a secure electronic repository

Save Students’ Time

Enhance the student experience by processing more data in less time, from admission applications to bookstore purchases. By offering the fastest, most advanced electronic student services, you can keep current students satisfied and attract new ones.

Keep Students Up-to-Date with Digital Signage

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Let our digital signage masters help your school communicate better with a customized solution. Deliver engaging interactive experiences using the latest touch-screen technology with Virtuoso. You can control and manage all time-sensitive information with a single set of tools from a single location. Notify students and staff and promote events and products anywhere on campus with digital signage.

Save Up to 40% on Printing Costs

Our masters will help your school save up to 40% on printing costs, with managed print services. In order to help you reach, and often exceed, your objectives, we’ll conduct a thorough analysis of your current printing to uncover hidden opportunities throughout your educational institution. Then, we’ll help you implement them. With Toshiba, your school never has to own another printer. You pay only when you print. And, you’ll print less—saving you paper, toner, time and money.

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Get Your School Going Green

Save money and reduce your environmental impact with Toshiba’s easy-to-implement, highly efficient solutions for schools both large and small. From software solutions to recycling toner cartridges, Toshiba will help your school go green.

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